Municipal Court


  • Judge Jennifer Fisher, Presiding Judge
  • Judge Renee Hardin-Tammons, Provisional Judge
  • Donnell Smith, Prosecuting Attorney
  • April Walton, Certified Court Administrator
  • Joyce Muhammad, Deputy Court Clerk
  • Levista Lawson, Assistant Court Clerk
Mission Statement
Our Mission for the department is to adhere to customer concerns and ensure that they receive quality service in court as well as at the traffic violation bureau. The Municipal Court is responsible for providing both a process and a forum for ensuring due process of law. 

Daily Operations:

The Municipal Court Office daily operations consists of: data entry, processing payments, customer service related issues such as assisting customers at the window, answering incoming phone calls, and assisting attorneys and probation officer’s with their clients. The Municipal Court handles minor non-moving, traffic, and misdemeanor violations.


The Municipal Court is responsible for recording alleged violations of City codes and ordinances, hearing evidence presented in court, and ruling on cases.  


  1. Judicial Review/Due Process of Law - The Court provides an opportunity for due process of law to accused persons.
  2. Prosecution - The Prosecuting Attorney acts an agent for the City and is responsible for prosecuting defendants in court.
  3. Imposition of Penalties - The Municipal Judge is responsible for imposing fines and penalties to defendants who have been found guilty by trial or if they have pled guilty and waived their right to counsel and trial.
  4. Communications, Public Information, and Court Scheduling - The Municipal Court is responsible for adhering to customer concerns, working with attorneys, defendants to accommodate their needs throughout the judicial process.
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