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City of Berkeley, MO A Planned Progressive Community
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Berkeley Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is responsible for recording alleged violations of City codes and ordinances, hearing evidence presented in court, and ruling on cases.  

Court is held at 6120 Madison for arraignment proceedings on Thursdays @ 6:00pm and trials are held on Tuesdays @ 9:00am at the city hall building 8425 Airport Rd.  Cell phones are not permitted. 

The Municipal Court Office daily operations of court consists of : data entry, processing payments, customer service related issues such as assisting customers at the window, answering incoming phone calls, and assisting attorneys and probation officer’s with their clients. The Municipal Court handles minor non-moving, traffic, and misdemeanor violations.

Each court date has a specific docket that is heard, for example the first court date for traffic is the Arraignment Docket, the second court date is the Payment Docket, the third court date is the Failure to Appear Summons, General Summons, and Bond Forfeiture Dockets.

The Arraignment Docket, allows the defendant to enter a plea for their traffic violation, if they plead guilty the judge imposes a fine and court cost if they plead not guilty the case is continued for the trial docket.

The Payment Docket, handles payment cases that have been continued by the judge or the prosecuting attorney for payment. The last court date, the judge has three separate dockets the failure to appear docket, which is the continuance court date for defendant’s that have missed their first court date.

The General Summons Docket consists of assault, peace disturbance, and other misdemeanor violations. The bond forfeiture docket consists of defendants that have missed their previous court date and had to post a cash bond.

The Housing and Trial Dockets are held on 2nd Tuesday of the month. The Housing Docket deals with housing violations. The Berkeley Inspectors notify the home owners when they are in violation of city ordinances. The trial docket handles cases that have been continued from the arraignment docket in which the defendant pled not guilty.

8425 Airport Rd • Berkeley, MO 63134 • Ph: (314) 524-3313 • Fx: (314) 264-2074
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