Court Information

  • All continuance requests must be in a written format to the court.
  • No continuances will be granted by phone.
  • If you have a warrant and appear at the TVB to discuss your case you will not be taken into custody.
  • You must appear at the TVB with your identification to receive any information regarding your cases.
  • If your case is continued for payment it must be paid in full by your next court date or an appearance is mandatory.


  • All communication with the Court shall include; Dated certificate of service, Defendant's date of birth and ticket number(s), Attorney's name, signature and MBN.
  • Motions may be made via facsimile and mail. Verbal motions at the TVB or via phone will not be accepted.
  • Requests for recommendation must be directed to the prosecuting attorney in a separate envelope from the entry of appearance.
  • Recommendations to be filed and approved by the court must include both the Attorney and Defendant's signature and date.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of the accepted plea agreement will require an appearance in court by the Attorney and/or Defendant.

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