Mission Statement
To conduct the general administrative activities of the City, Risk Management, Human Resources, and communicating with individuals and businesses both within the community and outside of the community, enforcing and administering City policies, administering the City’s sanitation and recycling services contracts, and providing general staff assistance to the other City departments and to City management.

About the Department

The Administration Department is responsible for supervising and coordinating the operations of all City departments within the local government including;

  • Advising the City Council on policy matters
  • Implementing the policies of the Council
  • Formulating the City budget, ensuring that the budget is executed as authorized by the City Council
  • Enforcing all ordinances
  • Responding to citizen inquiries and coordinating City service requests
  • Disseminating public information to the residents and businesses and maintaining the official City records.

The Administration Department is led by the City Manager.

Contact Administration:
To contact the Administration Department please call 314-524-3313.

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