Police Department


  • Major, Art Jackson
  • Captain, Jules Alligood
  • Captain, Vacant
  • Detective Sgt., George Ervin
  • Secretary, Jessica E. Clark
Mission Statement
The Police Department’s foremost obligation is to always be responsive to the needs of the community, residents and business owners of the City of Berkeley by providing protection, service, assistance, investigation of crimes and the maintenance of law and order. 

About the Department

In lieu of the aforementioned, the Police Department is composed of understanding, yet uncompromising officers that have no tolerance for criminal activity or behavior. Our primary mission is to protect, serve, and sustain supporting partnerships, with the community.

To accomplish this mission, the Department is staffed with thirty-five (35) full-time commissioned officers and a civilian staff consisting of nine (9). Service and protection is provided twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

In an effort to obtain and maintain the public’s trust and confidence, those chosen to be a member of the City of Berkeley Police Department must possess irreproachable values that will manage all work and decisions. These values are founded and promulgated within the Police Department’s policies, operational guidelines, rules and regulations. These documents assist the Department in achieving the primary goals of its mission, to make the City of Berkeley a safer place to live, work and raise a family. To accomplish this objective, the department needs the support of our citizens and city officials alike, to facilitate our performance and quality of services that these values commit the Department to provide.

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