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City of Berkeley, MO CITY OF BERKELEY, MO
City Council Meeting Agenda 06-04-2018

Monday, June 04, 2018 at 07:00 PM

MEETING DATE: Monday, June 04, 2018 at 07:00 PM

  1. Meeting Called to Order
    1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Meeting: May 21, 2018
      Documents: 05-21-18 Regular Meeting Minutes -Draft
    2. Special Meeting: 05/22/18, 05/29/18, & 05/31/18
      Documents: 05-22-18 Special Meeting Minutes -Draft | 05-29-18 Special Meeting Minutes -Draft | 05-31-18 Special Meeting Minutes-Draft
  3. Public Hearing
  4. Request for Rezoning, Special Use Permits, Re-subdivision
  5. Citizen Hearings (Anyone wishing to speak must complete a Speaker Card at the Rear)
  6. Resolutions
  7. Petitions
  8. Unfinished Business
    1. Bill #4626: An Ordinance Granting a Permanent Sewer Easement to St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District for the Exclusive right to Build and Maintain a Sewer or Sewers, including Stormwater Improvements at James McDonnell and Eva Ave Connector (Council) - 2nd & 3rd Reading
      Documents: Bill #4626 MSD Stormwater Agreement Eva Ave
  9. New Business
    1. Discussion - Allocation of CDBG 2019 Grant Funds
      Documents: FY19 CDBG Allocations
  10. Introduction of Bills
    1. Bill #4628: An Ordinance Setting the Compensation for City Manager / Municipal Services Manager Debra M. Irvin for the City of Berkeley, MO (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4628 Compensation for CM Irvin
    2. Bill #4629: An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley, MO, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Attached Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Municipal Application for FY 2019 (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4629 CDBG FY19 app
    3. Bill #4630: An Ordinance Approving the Budget of the City of Berkeley, MO, for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2018 and Concluding June 30, 2019 as Presented; Appropriating the Sums therein for the Purposes and Objects Therein (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4630 FY18-19 Budget
    4. Bill #4631: An Ordinance for the City of Berkeley Amending Ordinance #4468 Personnel Rules and Regulations Section 9.04 Overtime (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4631 Amend Ord 4468 Overtime Policy
    5. Bill #4632: An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley, MO, to Reaffirm the City’s Policy and Procedure of Disclosing Potential Conflicts of Interest and Substantial Interests for Certain Municipal Officials, as Established by the MO Ethics Law, Chapter 105 RSMo. (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4632 Conflict of Interest
  11. Appointments to Board and Commissions
  12. Communications
  13. Reports and Recommendations from the City Manager
    1. Closed Meeting (610.021): Litigation, Real Estate, &/or Personnel
  14. Reports from the City Clerk
  15. Reports from the Attorney
  16. Reports from the Special Committees
  17. Reports from the Standing Committees
  18. Reports from the Council
  19. Audience Participation (Limited to Subjects Addressed During the Meeting)
  20. Adjournment

Next Scheduled Meeting: June 18, 2018 @ 7pm.

Please Note: In accordance with RSMo section 610.021. the council may go into closed session during this meeting to discuss matters of litigation, legal actions, and/or communication from the City Attorney as provided under Section 610.0201 (1), and/or personnel under Section 610.021 (13), and/or hiring, firing, disciplining, or promoting employees under Section 610.021 (3), and/or real estate under Section 610.021 (2).