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City of Berkeley, MO CITY OF BERKELEY, MO
City Council Meeting Agenda 12-17-2018

Monday, December 17, 2018 at 07:00 PM

MEETING DATE: Monday, December 17, 2018 at 07:00 PM
  1. Meeting Called to Order
    1. Roll Call
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Meeting: December 03, 2018
      Documents: 12-03-18 Meeting Minutes - Draft

  3. Public Hearing
  4. Request for Re-zoning, Special Use Permits, Re-subdivision
  5. Citizen Hearings (Anyone wishing to speak must complete a Speaker Card at the Rear)
  6. Resolutions
    1. Res #3458 – A Resolution to Reimburse Such Councilpersons and City Manager for Expenses Specifically Incurred by Them, if any, for the Months of November/December 2018 (Council) - 3rd Reading
      Documents: Resolution #3458 Reimburse Nov Dec 2018

  7. Petitions
  8. Unfinished Business
    1. HOLD: Bill #4663 – An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley, MO, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Attached Agreement with General Code for an Editorial and Code Analysis (Council) - 2nd & 3rd Reading
    2. Bill #4666 – An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley, MO, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Attached Agreement with Central County Emergency 911 Dispatching Center (Council) - 2nd & 3rd Reading
      Documents: Bill #4666 Central County Dispatching

  9. New Business
  10. Introduction of Bills
    1. Bill #4667 – An Ordinance Amending Chapter 500, Creating New Section 550 of the Code Creating the “Public Works Committee” (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4667 New Section 550 Public Works Committee

    2. Bill #4668 – An Ordinance of the City of Berkeley, Missouri, Authorizing the Acception of the Attached Quitclaim Deed for the Donated Real Property Identified as 6805 Friarwood Drive, Berkeley, MO (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4668 Donated Property 6805 Friarwood Dr.

    3. Bill #4669 – An Ordinance for the City of Berkeley, MO, Amending the Employee Handbook of Personnel Rules and Regulations, Policies, and benefits in Section 9.14; Relating to Holidays (Council)
      Documents: Bill #4669 Amend Sect 9.14 Holidays

  11. Appointments to Board and Commissions
    1. Economic Development Commission – Appoint Jack Thomas
      Documents: Request to Appoint

  12. Communications
  13. Reports and Recommendations from the City Manager
    1. Closed Meeting (610.021): Litigation, Real Estate, &/or Personnel
  14. Reports from the City Clerk
  15. Reports from the Attorney
  16. Reports from the Special Committees
  17. Reports from the Standing Committees
    1. City Plan Commission Minutes - 10-10-18
      Documents: City Plan Minutes - October 10, 2018

  18. Reports from the Council
  19. Audience Participation (Limited to Subjects Addressed During the Meeting)
  20. Adjournment

    Next Scheduled Meeting: January 07, 2019
    Have a Safe Holiday Season!