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City of Berkeley, MO CITY OF BERKELEY, MO
City Council Special Meeting Agenda 09-29-2020

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 01:00 PM

MEETING DATE: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 01:00 PM

The meeting is called for the following purposes:

  1. Resolution
    1. Res #3557 - A Resolution Requesting that St. Louis County Distribute $47 Million of Care Act Funds on a Per Capita Basis to the Municipalities within the County to be used for Eligible Expenses, Authorizing the Mayor of the City of Berkeley, MO, to Accept CARES Act Funding and Execute a Municipality Relief Program Funding Agreement, and Confirming Agreement to Indemnify and Hold Harmless St. Louis County from such Distribution (Mayor Deinbo)
      Documents: Resolution 3557

  2. Ordinance
    1. Emergency Bill #4805 – An Ordinance Ordering the Levy and Fixing the Rate of Taxes to be Collected in the City of Berkeley, Missouri for the Fiscal Year 2020/2021, to Provide the General Revue; Establishment and Maintenance of Public Park; and to Provide for the Payment of Interest and Principal on all Outstanding Bonds of the City of Berkeley, Missouri (The City Council does hereby find and declare that an emergency exists which requires the immediate passage of this Ordinance for the Preservation of the Welfare of the Citizens in the City of Berkeley.) (City Manager Irvin)
      Documents: Bill #4805

  3. Discussion - Ord #4320 30% Per Block Rental Limitation
  4. Closed Session
    1. Litigation RSMo. 610.021 (1)
    2. Real Estate RSMo. 610.021 (2)
    3. Personnel RSMo. 610.021 (3)

      This meeting was approved during the 09-21-2020 regular council meeting.

      In light of the current public health crisis and the Federal, State, and County Emergency Declarations, and in accord with the provision of Sec. 610.020, RSMo., the City recognizes that it would be dangerous and impractical, if not impossible, for meetings to be physically accessible to the public. The City also recognizes the need for the public's business to be attended to in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. In order to balance both the need for continuity of government and protection of the health and safety of our residents, business persons, and employees, this meeting of the City of Berkeley will not be open to public attendance in person. The meeting will be accessible by the public in real time ONLY by video/audio webinar.

      Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
      Meeting ID: 856 4767 8089
      Password: 883869
      or Dial:
      +1 312 626 6799